Philips Saeco Coffee Machine

Gaggia Philips Saeco RI9833/61 Coffee Maker Review

  • Product: Philips Saeco RI9833/61
  • philips saeco coffee machinesManufacturer: Gaggia
  • Value for Money: 7/10
  • Features Range: 7/10

Main Features

  • It is loaded with pre-brewing technology for maximum flavor

  • Ceramic grinders for a consistent grind and better flavor extraction

  • Offers frontal loading means more convenience for the user

  • The coffee machine also comes with automatic circuit cleaning feature

  • Super silent operation and energy efficient


The Philips Saeco Coffee Machine is a decently priced coffee maker that refreshes your morning with a perfect cup of coffee, every day. It is easy to use and easy to clean – two of the most important factors while buying a coffee maker.

Product Overview

The Saeco RI9833/61 is an out an out espresso machine that is a great addition to any kitchen because of its elegant design. You can make different kinds of milk beverages with it too. It packs a surprising number of features in a rather small package.

The Design & Features

The Design


The Philips Saeco Coffee Machine is compact with dimensions of 44.7 x 25.6 x 31.5 cm and weighs just 10 kg. It comes with a stainless steel boiler which has a water tank capacity of 1.2L. The brewing group and the water tank can be easily removed and the coffee dispenser on the machine can be adjusted with ease.

Frontal Access
Coffee, water, beans, brewing group, and the drip tray, can be easily accessed from the front. These are all the components that are regularly used for day-to-day coffee brewing needs.

The Features


This process essentially means wetting the coffee grounds before the brewing process starts. This has a typical effect on the aroma of the final product, which is stronger and more flavourful.

Aroma Preservation

This machine uses ceramic grinders instead of the usual steel grinders. These ensure that the coffee is more uniformly ground, which lends your drink great aroma. This grinding operation prevents overheating, and ensures silent operation.

Variety of Beverages

With the Philips Saeco Coffee Machine in your kitchen, you can enjoy a variety of milk based beverages, and a good cup of espresso happens to be just one of them. You can use the steamer rod that is provided with this machine to froth your milk.

Easy to Clean

Saeco RI9833/61 is designed to clean automatically. Whenever the machine is switched on or off, the coffee machine cleans itself with water. In addition to this, there is an LED indicator on the machine that informs you when it is time for descaling.


This machine ensures that minimum power is consumed when the machine is on stand-by mode. It also reduces the noise by employing insulation and of course, the ceramic grinders.


  • It is a compact machine that churns out a good cup of coffee
  • Enhanced coffee flavor due to pre-brewing technology and the ceramic grinders
  • It is easy to use and very convenient to clean
  • It is an eco-friendly machine


  • If you like your coffee very hot, then you will need to use the built-in steamer to heat it up. Many users feel that the coffee coming out of the spout is not well heated.

Final Bean Rating out of 5 :

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