Magimix Nespresso Coffee Machine

Magimix Nespresso Coffee Machine Maestria 11331 Review

magimix nespresso coffee machineProduct: Nespresso Coffee Machine Maestria 11331

Manufacturer: Magimix

Value for Money: 9/10

Feature Range: 9/10

Available From: Amazon

Main Features

  • Improved thermoblock instant water heating system
  • Energy saving: Power safe mode, switches off 30 mins after last use
  • Large capacity: 1.4 L water tank
  • High quality materials with aluminium body
  • Pivoting cup support for small or large cups, mugs or latte glasses; 3 years guarantee with this machine including a home collection service


The Magimix Nespresso Coffee Machine is stylish, practical and made with sophisticated technology. This Nespresso Coffee Machine is a stylish, elegant, and easy-to-use coffee maker for your everyday caffeine needs, giving you the finest espresso you require, right in the comfort of your own home, every time!

What Is the Magimix Nespresso Coffee Machine?

he sleek and elegant design of the Magimix Nespresso Coffee Machine along with professional crafting and aluminium body – ensures its durability. The incorporated optimised air-intake technology gives your coffee the taste that you crave. This compact machine is your everyday partner for caffeine needs and with shop quality experience at your home.

It has an Optimal Temperature Control System that gives you the ideal temperature in less than 30 seconds. Pivoting Cup Support lets you make any size of coffee from a large mug to macchiato cups, which makes the Magimix Nespresso Coffee Machine perfect for making bigger drinks too !

The Design & Features

This compact machine with professional details gives you a traditional barista machinery experience. Made with the best quality components using cutting-edge technology, ensures its durability and high standards while retaining the authentic noises and barista coffee taste. The evocative machine really gives you an original Nespresso experience embodying the coffee making ritual itself.

To master the art of coffee-making has never been so easy before. An impressive machine in which every part is crafted at the very best of level ensuring the extraction of the aroma, texture, and flavour of the coffee with just a few simple touch and pulls.

19-Bar Pressure Pump

The High-Pressure Pump is necessary to extract the delicate flavor, aroma and flavoursome excitement of every coffee bean. 19-bar high-pressure performance pumps exquisitely delivering the best espresso you want to kick start your day.

Water Reservoir

More than enough 1.4L detachable water tank gives you the right quality and taste with no hassle.

State Of The Art Steam Pipe

The Steam Pipe allows you to prepare the best cappuccino and lattes with froth milk like a true barista. Automatic flow-stop feature keeps an eye out, just in case. The Descaling Program with descaling alarm and adjustable water hardness ensures that your machine keeps on fully working at its best throughout its lifetime.

Nespresso Capsule System

This machine uses the Nespresso Capsule System which is there to make sure you get exceptional taste and aroma while ensuring quality due to properly sealed aluminium capsules.

Saves Energy

The energy Saving feature automatically turns off your machine after 30 min to 8 hours (adjustable time period). All around, the Magimix Nespresso Coffee Machine is a simply wonderful coffee machine oozing quality and style giving you a proper barista experience right in your very own home.

The Pros

  • Thermoblock water heating system for quick water heating
  • Energy saving mode: Turns off after 30 min of no use
  • Aluminium body being strong yet light
  • Large capacity water tank 1.4L
  • Pivoting cup support for all sizes and shapes

The Cons

  • Cleaning can be a bit difficult

Final Bean Rating out of 5 :

Where To Buy: Amazon

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