Krups Nespresso XN300540

The Nespresso XN300540 Review

nespresso xn300540Product:  Nespresso XN300540

Manufacturer: Krups

Value For Money: 9/10

Feature Range: 8/10

Available From:  Amazon

Main Features:

  • Compact design: Elegant profile 11.1 cm (W) x 23.5 cm (H) x 32.6 cm (L) ideal for urbanites with limited kitchen counter space
  • High-tech: 19 bar high-performance pump and automatic piercing and brewing of capsules with drop stop technology, fast heating time of only 25 seconds
  • Tactile interface: One-touch controls with two programmable buttons-Espresso and Lungo
  • Intuitive: Smart alert system lets you know when there is almost no water left
  • Energy-saving: Power save mode automatically switches machine off after 9 minutes of inactivity


Bean to cup coffee machines are the perfect pick for anyone who likes to start their day off with a cup of coffee without having to make it themselves but they can be a bit of a hassle at times to use. If you’re someone that wants a cup of coffee as soon as you crave one then the Krups Nespresso XN300540 Pixie Coffee Machine is definitely the right pick for you.

What Is The Krups Nespresso XN300540 Pixie Coffee Machine?

The Nespresso XN300540 Pixie is an entry level coffee machine that is both simple and efficient to use. The XN300540 is a one touch coffee machine that is designed to make a delicious cup of coffee without going to town on your wallet. The Nespresso XN300540 is low priced and considering it’s one of the finest coffee and espresso machines on the market it’s a must have for anyone that likes to make their coffee without having to deal with any annoyance.

The Krups Nespresso XN300540 Pixie coffee machine uses pods and can have an espresso ready in just 25 seconds which is a major selling point of this coffee machine! One thing to note is that even though the Nespresso XN300540 brews the coffee so fast that doesn’t mean that the quality of the coffee is low – rather you might be surprised at what you find.

The Design & Features

The shape and design of the Nespresso XN300540 hasn’t changed from its predecessors but it has gotten smaller. As a matter of fact, the Nespresso XN300540 is so small that you can carry it with you wherever you go – it takes almost no space on your kitchen counter.

The Nespresso XN300540 has an all platstic body but that doesn’t mean that the build quality is low in any way. It’s designed to look exactly in place in any kind of kitchen which is why it seamlessly blends in with any kind of kitchen utensils. Designed for convenient, the Nespresso XN300540 is one of the most compact coffee machines on the market.

Uses Nespresso Coffee

For many people finding the right kind of coffee beans can be somewhat of a hassle. Luckily, the Nespresso XN300540 uses Nespresso coffee which has been formulated to provide the best flavours. This coffee is provided in small aluminum cups which can be bought online or from your local store. There are over 16 varieties and are widely acclaimed for their high quality.

19 Bar Pressure

As surprising as it may be, the Nespresso XN300540 has a 19 bar pressure system that extracts the aroma and texture of the coffee amazingly well to create one amazing cup of coffee. The water pressure, extraction pressure and temperature are all calculated to provide you with the best cup of coffee thanks to the patented extraction system.

Ease Of Use

The Nespresso XN300540 is anything but difficult to use. It’s an extremely simple and affordable coffee/espresso machine that can make coffee/espresso to rival high end coffee machines with just the press of a simple button.

The Pros

  • Extremely simple
  • Compact design
  • Makes coffee under 25 seconds
  • Feature rich
  • Great value for price

The Cons

  • Can’t handle making coffee for a crowd

Final Bean Rating out of 5 :

Where To Buy: Amazon

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