Gaggia Coffee Espresso Machine

Gaggia Coffee Espresso Machine Review

Product:  Espresso Machine Carezza Deluxe – RI8525/08

gaggia coffee espresso machineManufacturer: Gaggia

Value For Money: 8/10

Feature Range: 9/10

Available From:  Amazon

Main Features:

  • Panarello steamer attachment
  • Ground coffee and easy serve pods
  • Descaling alarm
  • Frontal water tank extraction
  • Double walled pressurised crema filter


The Gaggia Coffee Espresso Machine is an espresso and coffee machine that is designed to help you get your day started with a barista level cup of coffee or espresso. The Gaggia Coffee Espresso Machine offers great coffee for a relative affordable price without having to leave the comfort of your home.

What Is The Gaggia Coffee Espresso Machine?

The Gaggia Coffee Espresso Machine, as the name implies is a coffee and espresso making machine that can provide you with Barista style coffee and espresso making experience.

Since the Gaggia Coffee Espresso Machine is a bit more manual than most automatic coffee machines you’ll need to get some hands on experience before you can make a cup of coffee that’ll feel as if made by Baristas from Starbucks.

The Gaggia Coffee Espresso Machine is made for anyone that wants to be a home barista and wants a greater sense of control over the coffee they made and customize it to their tastes.

With its stylish design and great value for money, the Gaggia Coffee Espresso Machine makes for a perfect addition to any kitchen. As a Barista level coffee machine it is loaded with features that’ll help you make drinks of a professional level.

The Design & Features

The Gaggia Coffee Espresso Machine is a visually appealing coffee machine. Its design is a mix of retro and Italian coffee machines which makes it standout in a good way. The rounded front and the analogue dials really add to its image as a machine for Baristas.

Aside from the rounded front which is stainless steel, the rest of the body is mostly plastic but that doesn’t mean that the Gaggia Coffee Espresso Machine isn’t well built but it is light. Since the coffee machine is relatively light you will have to hold it down with one arm when changing the filers, especially when the water reserve is low.

Thanks to its amazing design, the Gaggia Coffee Espresso Machine can act as the perfect center piece for any kitchen.

Steam Milk Frother

The Panarello also known as a milk frother is definitely a key feature that makes the Gaggia Coffee Espresso Machine a great buy. The steam frother works amazingly well, though it is a bit complicated to operate for new users but once mastered can help to perfectly froth the milk for one amazing cup of coffee.

Additionally it also have a pressurized double walled filter holder that improves the extraction of crema to make espressos creamier and more delicious.

15 bar Pump Pressure

What makes the Gaggia Coffee Espresso Machine’s 15bar Pump Pressure so impressive is that unlike other 15 bar Pump Pressure coffee machines it’s much more silent due to its construction. The 15 bar Pump Pressure extracts aroma, texture and taste from the coffee beans and ESE pods to make for one amazing up of coffee.

Ease Of Use

As stated earlier, the Gaggia Coffee Espresso Machine is not an entry level machine but rather is targeted towards people that have some experience working with coffee machines. But luckily with a bit of practice you can easily overcome the learning curve.

The Pros

  • Amazing design & well built.
  • Milk frother provides excellent performance.
  • Supports both beans & ESE Pods
  • Makes amazing coffee when mastered

The Cons

  • Not for beginners

Final Bean Rating out of 5 :

Where To Buy: Amazon

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