Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine

Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine Review

Product:  Classic Espresso Machine

gaggia classic espresso machineManufacturer: Gaggia

Value For Money: 9/10

Feature Range: 7/10

Available From:  Amazon

Main Features:

  • Stainless Steel Body with stand by button
  • 1050 Watt Boiler, Stainless Steel Boiler 200cc
  • Mechanical Brewing Valve and Improved Short Turn Steam Valve
  • Perfect Crema Baskets – single and Double
  • Heavy Professional Brass Filer Holder


If you’re looking for an espresso and coffee machine that is simple to operate and makes an amazing cup of coffee and espresso without much work, then the Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine is definitely worth checking out. With its classic industrial look and heavy-duty design the Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine is the newest version of an all-time classic.

What Is The Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine?

The Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine is a newer version of a classic coffee machine that has been around for a while. The Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine is a coffee and espresso maker that can whip up amazing espresso in a matter of seconds.

The Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine is made entirely of stainless steel with the addition of classic plastic buttons and handles. This espresso machine is semi-automatic and has a single boiler which means it can’t steam milk and brew the coffee at the same time. However, thanks to the powerful industrial style aluminium boiler, the process is a lot faster than you’d expect.

While other espresso machine go over the top with their features, the Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine keeps it simple. There are no controls or buttons that will require you to learn what they do. This coffee machine doesn’t use any clever ticks, it is simple and purely an espresso maker.

The Design & Features

The Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine is a machine that you’ve seen many times before on the TV or your local coffee shop. The design is almost identical to the classics and even works the same way.

This Classic Espresso Machine has a mostly metal exterior giving it that industrial and well-built look and feel. Coffee machines like this Classic Espresso Machine can be found in many kitchens and coffee shops for the sole fact that it’s an espresso machine in the purest sense.

There are three buttons that handle all operation of the machine on the front. One switch for switching off/on the Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine, one for toggling the steam and the last starts/stops the stream of water through the coffee holder.

If you plan on making any other drink besides an espresso you’ll find yourself that the Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine falls short. The length of the coffee arm is designed specifically for small cups which are ideal for espressos and no other drinks.

New Pannarello Wand

One major improvement over the previous model of this coffee machine is the Pannarello Wand. The new wand is equipped with an anti-burning Cool Touch System that makes using it much more convenient and the wand has been specifically redesigned to make an amazing foam for espressos easily and efficiently.

The Pump

Naturally, the biggest appeal of the Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine is its unique pump which is the strongest in its field. This Classic Espresso Machine uses an electric pump made by Defona which extracts the taste, aroma and texture of the beans to make espresso that gets you as close as possible to an authentic Italian flavour.

Ease Of Use

This Espresso Machine is not an automatic espresso machine which means it does require some manual input. Unlike modern more easy to use espresso machines this espresso machines require all the preparation to be done manually but the output is one amazing cup of espresso which is more than worth it in our opinion.

The Pros

  • Makes amazing coffee
  • Very powerful pump
  • Pannarello Wand designed for espressos

The Cons

  • Requires some practice to use
  • Pannarello Wand does not work well with other drinks

Final Bean Rating out of 5 :

Where To Buy: Amazon

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