Coffee Machines by Price 1000+

Coffee Machines by Price £1000+

The coffee machines in this section are mainly geared towards the commercial user and serious coffee consuming connoisseur.

They have a wide range of coffee making facilities and will be able to serve up your favourite style of coffee, just the way you like  and all your friends and/or customers like it.

From the range of coffee makers in this category, you’ll be rustling up a whole host of your favourite coffee creation in no time at all, with this wonderful selection of high quality coffee machines !

Accademia Coffee Machine (Gaggia)

Capresso Impressa E8 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine (Jura) 

Capresso Impressa F7 Espresso Machine (Jura)

Capresso Impressa F9 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine (Jura)

Capresso Impressa S9 Bean to Cup (Jura)

Capresso Impressa Z5 Coffee Machine (Jura)

Capresso Impressa Z6 Espresso Machine (Jura)

The Dual Boiler (Sage)

Oracle Coffee Machine (Sage)