Bosch Tassimo T40

Bosch Tassimo T40 Coffee Machine Review

Product:  Tassimo T40
bosch tassimo t40

Manufacturer: Bosch

Value For Money: 9/10

Feature Range: 8/10

Available From:  Amazon

Main Features:

  • Coffee options: espresso, cappuccino, latte, ristretto, latte macchiato.
  • Power output 1300 watts.
  • 3.3 bar pump pressure.
  • Water capacity 2 litres.
  • Water level gauge


Anyone that loves drinking coffee loves a coffee machine that is both small and compact. Having a coffee machine that can be hidden in small spaces or taken along with on trips and yet still make amazing coffee is appreciated by all. The Bosch Tassimo T40 is one such coffee machine that is compact, makes great coffee, and above all affordable.

What Is The Bosch Tassimo T40 ?

The Bosch Tassimo T40 is another coffee machine from the Tassimo branded coffee machine series that uses its own patented T-Disk technology to make a variety of drinks while keep the machine extremely compact.

The Bosch Tassimo T40 can make a variety of beverages thanks to a number of Tassimo pods available on the market. From drinks like coffee to espresso and even hot chocolate, the Bosch Tassimo T40 can make it all in under a minute at that. The best part is since this coffee machine is so small it can virtually be stored anywhere!

Thanks to the always on heat system and the bar code scanner that reads what kind of pod you are using, the coffee brewing process is extremely fast. Considering its size, it has a relatively large water reservoir that allows you to make multiple drinks and entertain guests.

The Design & Features

The Bosch Tassimo T40 is the most compact coffee machine to date from Tassimo. It takes everything people love about the Tassimo brand and delivers it in a compact design. The Bosch Tassimo T40 looks and feels modern in every way. Thanks to its sleek design it has a sense of elegance rarely found in coffee machines of this size.

Unlike other small coffee machines, the Bosch Tassimo T40 has a more rounded design as compared to a box design makes it easier on the eyes. It has a large water reservoir tucked away at the back which can easily be removed with a build in handle.

It has one button for all the operation, a light for telling us when the drink is ready and one for telling us when the water reservoir needs to be changed. The Bosch Tassimo T40 is simple, intuitive and overall a breeze to use.

Smart Operation

The Bosch Tassimo T40 automatically decides the require water and brew time of the beverage by scanning the bar code of the pod you are using. The  T40 automatically adjusts the water amount, pressure, temperature and brewing time for your drink.

T Disc system

The Bosch Tassimo T40 uses the T Disc System which is a key feature of the Tassimo series. The disc pods allow you to make almost any kind of drink ranging from hot chocolate to espressos with the touch of a simple button.

Ease Of Use

Overall, the Bosch Tassimo T40 is extremely easy to use thanks to its simple design and straightforward features. Even kids can use the Bosch Tassimo T40 without any worries and make delicious hot chocolate using pods.

The Pros

  • Extremely Easy To use
  • Can make a variety of drinks
  • Large water reservoir
  • Simple and elegant design

The Cons

  • Can only be used with T Disc pods

Final Bean Rating out of 5 :

Where To Buy: Amazon

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